Old Tyme Frog Riding a Bicycle: 12 Pack

Old Tyme Frog Riding a Bicycle: 12 Pack

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These delicate Old Tyme 3D Frog on a Bicycle lollipops harken back to the day when lollipops were considered toys as well as food. Poured in genuine vintage 3D molds, they are a perfect addition to your wedding or baby shower. This item comes with 12 lollipops. Choose between a Melville paper stick, a wooden ball stick or no stick at all for a hard candy toy.

  • Individually wrapped
  • Each lollipop weighs 1 oz
  • Made fresh to order in the USA

As with all of our products, should you require custom colors, flavors or artwork please email us or call our office at 800-638-8063.

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