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3D Tallship Hard Candy Figurine: 1 Pack
3D Tallship Hard Candy Figurine: 1 Pack

3D Tallship Hard Candy Figurine: 1 Pack

Your Price: $29.99
Part Number:12281

In a lesser known old tyme tradition, people would smash hard candy figurines like our candy sailboat, pass it around and everyone would take a piece for good luck. You can continue that tradition today with our 3D Candy Tall Ship, which comes in a bag with a bow on top. Each hard candy figurine comes in three colors: water blue (raspberry) bottom, red (cherry) ship body and clear (cotton candy) sails. Also available in barley flavor. Each boat is hand-poured; slight variations will occur.

  • Allergens: Soy
  • Individually wrapped
  • Each boat weighs 9.5oz

As with all of our products, should you require custom colors, flavors or artwork please email us or call our office at 800-638-8063.

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