BBQ Lollipop Assortment: 3 Kraft Gift Sets

BBQ Lollipop Assortment: 3 Kraft Gift Sets

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Our BBQ Lollipop Assortment comes with 3 gift sets, each containing 4 hard candy lollipops shaped like pigs, bacon, pickles and corn on wooden ball sticks. The pig comes in pink (watermelon). The bacon is maple (maple) and embedded with soy bacon bits. The pickles are lime green (pickle) and embedded with sour powder. The corn is yellow (buttered popcorn). Each lollipop is hand-poured; slight variations will occur.

  • Individually wrapped
  • Allergens: Soy & Egg
  • Each lollipop weighs 1oz
  • Made fresh to order in the USA

As with all of our products, should you require custom colors, flavors or artwork please email us or call our office at 800-638-8063.

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